Cognitive Bias Codex print

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188 different cognitive biases, unified into one conceptual model and condensed into a single piece of educational art. This infographic print is a powerful reference, reminder, and conversation-starter.

Deluxe, museum-quality print on heavyweight, matte paper for highest possible readability. Designed and printed in California. Available with simple, minimal frame in charcoal black, assembled and ready to hang. Perfect complement to any office, classroom, or lab. Note that unframed prints are shipped rolled in a protective tube, while framed prints are shipped in a large, padded box.

 Choice of two easily readable sizes:

  • Medium: 18x24" (458 x 610 mm) - for cubicles & small spaces
  • Large: 24x36" (610 x 915 mm) - for classrooms, home, or office

As seen in HuffPo: ScienceQuartz, and Wikipedia.

"We see the world not as it is, but as we are." Remember that with an amazing diagram of 188 cognitive biases, designed by John Manoogian III (jm3) and organized by Buster Benson in the Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet.

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